Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kelly family after Christmas get together

None of my out of state brothers and sisters were able to make it to Christmas this year, but that didn't stop us from having our Christmas get together. I was glad we still did it since Rich and I didn't make the Christmas Eve party until it was over. We went to Robb and Brookes house ate pizza and watched the Jazz game, we also had a little "yanky swap" Sorry Nicole, you'll never get that spatula back!! We had a good time but we missed the other half of our family.
Here's my mom making cute little bibs for the twins. And I love the picture of Andee, she's such a sass.
Check it out Brooke, Conner is on the left and Cooper is on the right! Right?

Ash = No more Wisdom

Ashley got her wisdom teeth out over her Christmas break, doesn't she look so cute! Nicole thought she'd try to make her face look large so Ash didn't feel so bad. PS can you believe how big Kaiden is?

Friday, December 26, 2008

Our first Christmas!

We went to my Grandma and Grandpa's on Christmas day, here's Rich fully enjoying himself.
My cute Grandpa and Grandma with my cute mom

This is me trying cuddle with Penny, she doesn't really like anyone, she probably likes me the most though.

Here's Rich and his awesome new UTE PJ's, he actually opened these on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve at Grandma Joans

Richard and me with Kate and Whitney, after the Noels we went over to my mom's house to say hi, because both our families do their main Christmas thing on Christmas Eve Rich and I are going to trade off every other year.

I'm sure you've all done this before, you know where you take a picture while you're.... whatever it's called with your lips.... Well this is Rhead/Mr Ed, I think he and Nique are the winners for best face while doing whatever it is with your lips. I'll have to post one of Nique doing it and you can be the judge.

Robb and Brooke with Nicole and Roy

Drew, Kaid, Taylor and..... Cooper or Conner. I suck I really suck, I have the hardest time telling them apart. But I think this is Cooper.

Here's my mom with Whitney and Kate, my mom gave them their cute new sweaters.

Christmas Eve with the Noels

We did the manger scene if you can't tell, although instead of cows, lambs, and donkeys we had monkeys and elephants played by Max and Scott. Richard was Joseph, Elisa was a shepard, Amber was a wise woman, and then Richards cute twin nieces were Mary, and the beautiful Angel, and of course Papa Noel was the narrator.

Rachel and Sara sang Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer in Spanish, it was really cool.

This is Richards nephew Ian, he LOVES Richard, it's so cute, he just follows him around and wants to do everything with him, until he gets distracted with his awesome new presents.

TCU vs Boise State

Richard's sister Kris and her boyfriend Duncan are in town for the holidays, so Elisa and Amber invited us all to their place to watch the Boise TCU game. (Sucks for you Brooke and Justin, Boise CHOKED!) They made us yummy tacos and we just hung out and played with their cute Pugs.

Holiday cookies

Nice hair Ash
My nephews Taylor and Drew, I can't believe how big they both are.

Katie and Nicole

Whitney, me, and Kate!

I'm making a lot of posts today, I just haven't been able to keep up with all that's going on. My mom, Ashley, Nicole, Whitney, Katie and I got together and made sugar cookies and peanut brittle this week. It was really fun and more importantly REALLY good. I ate so many cookies and my nieces ate about half the dough, it was really funny.

Dum Dum Dum Dum

Charity and Jimmy got married last Saturday and it was so beautiful, they look so happy, and it was so fun to see old friends.

Charity looked so beautiful, her hair and dress were awesome.

Long lost friend Bridgette Beyer, and Charity's sister Tiffany

This is Charity's niece Tuesday, she is SO dang cute

This was Charity getting ready.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Post Post Post

I have three new posts, and it took me forever, and they're not in the order I wanted them in, and I'm not changing it. So if you want to know, we went to temple square on Friday, A Christmas Carole on Saturday and the JMR/Lolabella party was on Sunday.

Can it be Christmas without a little Temple Square? I don't think so!

On Friday Rich and I went to temple square to enjoy the lights and we invited Jeff and Max to come with us. We had a good time and Max loved seeing all the lights. The picture of the moon didn't turn out and I can't freaking figure out how to take it off so... for what it's worth we took the picture because it was the brightest moon since forever or something as I'm sure you all know. Max loves Richard so much, they get to hang out every Friday so they're really close, and every Friday they both get home feeling exhausted.

A Christmas Carole

For Christmas Rich and I decided to take my mom to A Christmas Carole at Hale center theater, it was really good and really fun. We went and ate downtown first and then went to the theater, it was so fun because it was what seemed like the first snow fall. These are pictures of us after the show by my Christmas tree. Don't you love Richards sweater, I think he looks just great.

JMR/Lolabella Christmas PARTAY!

This is my boss slash brother and sister in law Jeff and Carole above

This is my other boss Richard and his wife Laura above

We had a really great time at my work Christmas party, it was at The Paris restaurant it was both mine and Richards first time eating there, I highly recommend it.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas ornaments

Now that I'm a Noel I have a lot to live up to during Christmas time. If any of you have seen Richards parents house during Christmas you know what I mean..... Richard and I started a tradition last year of painting ornaments, listening to music and drinking eggnog. It was so much fun this year to decorate the tree and remember the ornaments we had painted. Here are some pictures of us this year!
Nique did these ones above, she left before I got a picture of her with them. She's so creative, mine and Richards suck compared to hers.
Here's Rich and his cute ornaments
You can't tell but the one on the right says "Noel" I worked really hard on that one cause you know it's a noel ornament.

Nique and me above.