Sunday, May 24, 2009

At least I finished.....

Ok so I ran/walked the Ogden 1/2 marathon... it was brutal especially since I didn't train. Well that's not true, for 1 week before the race I woke up and ran 3 miles everyday. That's training enough right? I made myself do it because I keep signing up for these expensive races and don't train for them and always bump down to the easier race. (I was initially signed up for the full marathon but whatever.) I'm glad that I at least finished and I had a really good time running the race. I love being at the starting line and the energy that's just bouncing off each other. I did not however like the 2 obnoxious girls wearing a shirt that said "I have rheumatoid arthristis and you're still behind me" First of all I think that's rude. That's not what races are about, I think it's wonderful that you're conquering that battle and running a 1/2 marathon. But it seriously made me feel bad.... I guess I'm a baby, and I'm sure it was just for fun or whatever, but it rubbed me the wrong way.... maybe bacause they beat me?

Mothers Day

Here we are driving to Layton for Mother's Day. Just look at that face of Carlos' I know he appreciates me as a mother.

Does is get any cuter than this? Grandma and Grandpa Cooper making out!

Mom and the Coops. What great mothers I have!

Whitney and Katie, they wanted some face time on my blog. Here you go! Love you!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies

Well I'm finally posting about the weekend I spent with my mom, sisters and sister in laws....
It was super fun, I just want to say that I feel very lucky to have a great mom, 4 crazy sisters, and 3 fun, fun sister in laws. I had such a great time with all of them, and I hope they all know how much I love and care about them!

I had to start with 2 of my favorite ladies....
Here are Brynlee and Lyza, they just turned 1 on May 5, I can't believe how healthy and strong they are. It's been so fun to watch them grow.

This is me waxing Nicole, she was such a baby! But I tell you she's still loving it today!

I got waxed 2 at a time... it's how the pro's do it. I also waxed Kamie's legs and armpits, and Samantha's legs too. I don't know why there aren't any pictures.

Lindsay, Brooke K and Kamie, CHOWING down Samantha's D-lish guac dip. Oh and Oreo's and Peanut Butter M&M's. Would you believe me if I told you we totally took it down a notch from last year on the treats? Well we did!

Brooke W and Kam bam, you can't tell but clentched in Brookes hand is: 4 Oreos, 10 M&M's, and 1 whole granola bar......

Matt and Samantha's sweet pool...

This is Friday night witch means Erika got to join us! She's my oldest niece 15 this year! We stayed up all night playing games. There were some serious wars over spoons, I have video if I could just figure out how to post the dang thing.

This is Samantha and her... night baby? She kept calling her stomach something after she felt like she'd eaten a lot and I can't remember, but it was hilarious.

I don't know why but I seriously love this picture. Ash and Sam

Kam Bam, so pretty.

Again.... so pretty

We went outside and played this game where you hold a broom stick in the air and stare at the bristles while spinning in a circle 20 times. What you're trying to do is after 20 spins you're suppose to be able to throw the broom down and jump over it. Not very many people can do it and it's freaking hilarious. I have video that's kinda dark but I'm going to try and post it later. Seriously I laughed SO HARD. I think Samantha wins with the funnest video! (I've watched it SEVERAL times... and so have my friends!) Here we are outside, everyone but Lindsay and Brooke K they went to bed and we totally missed them!

Saturday I went to Ellie and Abbies soccer game. They're so cute and they're on the same team that Jason coaches. Here's Ab


And both of them....

Smash and Me....



Kam and Mom

Michelle, Smash, Kam, Brookie

I drove home with my mom and this is what I came home to. That Rainbow seemed like it was directly over my apartment.... how lucky right?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

13.1 and 3.1

Here we are morning of our races.... Ash doing the 1/2 marathon, (yes I was suppose to do it and I didn't, whatever) and Rich and I did the 5k. It was fun, can't you just see how excited Richard is! We woke up at 5:30 am to go to the starting line with Ash. She on the other hand looks so excited!

I was a bit tired myself. (who puts a picture of them self looking like this on their blog, right?)

This is us dropping her off......

This is us wishing we could back to sleep.

Here we are at the starting line. We're looking a bit more awake.

Here's a better shot at Richard's shirt. He made this in Yellowstone last year, it's awesome.

Below is my sister in law Hilary Noel, she did a great job on her half marathon. She runs a lot including the Boston Marathon. YOU GO GIRL!

Here comes Smash, it's not the greatest picture, but she looked really good at the finish line.

And there she goes. I was really proud of her, she kept a steady pace the entire time and finished exactly when she thought she would. Ten minute mile the whole time!

She's still excited even after the race.

Don't we look fab! Especially Richard's awesome "bed head"

My cute mom came down to support.

I look like a ghost next to Ash.... ONE DAY IT WILL CATCH UP WITH YOU!!! (kidding, I love you!)

And here's Reesh.... he was pooped.... (in our defence we were working until midnight the night before....)