Monday, March 30, 2009

Allergies?! Cold?!

What ever the hell it is I've got it and it HURTS! Honestly every time I swallow, or therefore try to swallow it's like I'm forcing knives down my throat. And it came on so suddenly! Seriously like within hours. So after some Tylenol Cold pm and ZERO sleep later I'm on the couch watching Sex and the City with tissue up my nostrils. And also feeling very "Carrie Bradshaw" by writing this post.
PS Kamie.... can you please change my blog from a St. Patricks theme to a darling Easter/Spring Time theme? Thanks I'd just love it.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh this husband of mine....

After Richard was one of the big winners and spent an "Evening with Kyle Korver" along with his friend Colle, they got a great picture taken with Kyle. Colle then sent the picture in to a contest to win Jazz tickets for tonights game. We've gotten several calls today that the picture is being found on the internet. Check out this webiste and how people in Houston are talking trash about my man and his crazy friend. Look quick because I doubt it will be up for long.
Pretty funny, and I'm sure you know Richard is just eating it all up. Love him.