Thursday, April 16, 2009

In a NuTsHeLl

Thanks for the love, support, and advise! Seriously I was glad to hear everyone's opion.
Here are some of the SNACKING and other great ideas in a nutshell.

  1. Eat SuGaR free gum - I really like this one and I've used it several times, it really does curve my craving when I'm craving Flaming Hot Cheetos, donuts, Pepsi, Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans, Chocolate.... etc... I have problems.
  2. Don't waste calories on "empty calories" See AbOvE!!!
  3. Meghan loves this work out (I'm assuming video) P90X I'm going to have to look into it, I've actually heard people talking about this.
  4. South Beach diet, I was actually at the store last night waiting at the Pharmacy and I saw some of the different health bars they offer and they look good. I need to try them, I bet they'd help when I'm craving a snickers.
  5. Celery with low fat cream cheese. I think this is going to be one of my favorites, I LoVe cream cheese and I'll put it on anything. Celery really? That's gotta have ZeRo calories so more cream cheese for me!
  6. String cheese, do it all the time, but on a multi grain cracker? Now we're talking!
  7. Fruit, obviously LoVe it.
  8. Sugar free candy.... um.... really...? Sugar free Icecream....? I DO NOT THINK SO!!! Sometimes when I see it I think "well for crying out loud if I'm going to eat candy I'm going to eat the REAL stuff". BUT, I've promised myself I'm going to try it. I'll let you know.
  9. Ok this one's my FaVoRiTe. The HCG shot, McCall said this one's expensive but I want to try it. I'll just have to go from using 2 forms of birth control to 3. (Half kidding, all in good time mom, all in good time)
  10. Portion sizes. Ok this is HuGe and I totally agree with you Samantha. I don't know if you've ever heard my mom say this but she always said that grandma Cooper cut her portions in half and it always helped her stay small. One problem I have with this is that I start feeling bad for wasting food. Solution.... LEFTOVERS! Save it for lunch the next day or get a doggy bag.
  11. Another great one from Samantha: Stop eating when you're full, easy enough right? Well it's not easy, and I don't know why..... I don't even have anything else to add to that.
  12. Snack on peanuts and chocolate chips. Love this one! Trail mix right? But then I quickly need to refer to number 11.....
  13. I like this one from Brooke too. Eat well 80% of the time and eat what you want 20% of the time. I agree, sometimes I get in the mode of NEVER eating anything I consider "bad" for me like such as... carbs, candy, junk food, fast food, basically nothing good.. but then I get just get FeD uP! And I totally BaCkLaSh and I just go crazy and start eating everything in sight. I could be full as ever but I'll still just shove everything in my face. I think if I really took eating well 80% of the time and treating myself to other things 20% of the seriously I would see a difference. Everything in moderation...... everything in moderation.

So there I have it... everything I need to be healthy and feel good. Now putting it all into good use, we shall see!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Calories Calories CALORIES!

So, as I've hit my old age come to find out I can't just loose 5 pounds in a week just whenever I decide I want to.... Unfortunatly those 5 pounds have now turned into.... like 15ish.... plus like maybe 5...
(Ok that was really hard for me to say)

I've found myself counting calories along with every little thing I eat and I'm driving myself CRAZY!

I workout maybe 4 times a week (which includes walking Carlos so not really much of a workout but I'm trying to make myself feel better.) And even though I'm putting some kind of effort with the working out we all know that it's really all about what you eat. I mean there are all these "helpful hints"; you're suppose to burn 1000 more calories a day than you consume (hello that's hard!) what you eat is 90% of losing weight or is it 80%... or is it 70%? eat protein, don't eat after 7 eat a good breakfast (that's the only thing I do well) blah blah BLAH!

Really all I want is to eat healthy, workout and be happy with my weight. I have the personality to go a little overboard, I'm either extremely concerned about what I eat and how much I workout and so forth or I really just couldn't give a darn.


Help me!
Tell me your secrets. I want to know what you snack on when you're craving something sweet or something salty or another one of the "untouchables". I've been doing all the veggies and stuff but I'm over it, and I'm sorry but I'm a snacker.

Another thing I struggle with is making a healthy dinner. I mean the grilled chicken, cottage cheese and green beans is getting old! I really just need to go through the cook book and find things that sound de-lish, but I'd really like to know what other people fix for dinner and what you snack on. And really I couldn't be more sick of salads... they just don't fill me up.

I realize that there should be moderation in everything blah blah blah just help me.

So there you have it. This is my struggle!

Please help

Thursday, April 2, 2009


This is so funny to Rich and me, Carlos sleeps on his back a lot of the time. I freaking love it. At night he usually starts by sleeping in between either of our legs but he always makes it up to the top of the our bed with his head on my pillow and his body under the blankets.

This is him on the couch in his infamous pose.

I always like to post his "crazy face" pictures. This is near after his haircut, they buzzed him and I couldn't stop laughing after I saw him.

Seriously look at this face!

Got me a bike!

Got myself a new bike a few weeks ago and I've only been able to ride it maybe 4-5 times. I've been missing it so much since this gloomy weather I thought I'd blog about it since I can't ride it.

My two men putting my bike together. So so nice.

I thought this picture was the "finishing touch" but it's missing the awesome brown leather looking seat. But doesn't it look great! It's a seven speed and I figured it would have enough gears for the hills where I live.... I've ridden it to work a couple of times and holy crap the way home is HARD!!

My thanks to Rich for putting it together!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

Rented it, watched it, cried through it, loved it....
totally buying it.
Seriously I may be a little late about watching it,
and I thought all the hype would ruin it for me. But it hands down deserved Best Picture. I recommend this movie to anyone.
(Because I know how you all value my opinion)