Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Some Summer

A while ago when I was blogging somewhat regularly, it was because I had gotten a new job at the U of U hospital and only working 30 hours a week. It was wonderful! The position I had was working the night shift in the morgue. It was weird and scary so when they offered me a better 40 hour a week position I jumped on it. :) I now work a more regular schedule and will probably stop blogging again. I don't know how some people do it. 

Here's a glimpse of some of our highlights of the summer. 

Real game. More like gameS, we have season tickets and have been having a great time. 

 Lagoon with the Barnards. 
 We went to Lagoon a few weeks ago and got drenched on Rattlesnake Rapids, and it wasn't because of the ride. As soon as we stepped on to the ride it started down pouring. We were the second to last boat to go on the ride before they closed it down. It was so fun, we laughed and laughed. Great memories with them at Lagoon.


Cute cowboys with Robby

My grandma and grandpa Cooper celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary. 
Love em.

Red Butte concert....

Layton Park concert with the Noels. Howard and Mary took the ladies to Indigo Girls it was so fun! 

I still have more posts I need to do... Like a million. We'll see........

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kelly Fam Reunion 2011

Kelly Family Reunion
Brighton Resort 2011

My cute mom put together an awesome reunion, she worked on it for a year and we all looked forward to it for that entire year. I have a lot of pictures (mostly from the first night of karaoke) and I still don't even have pictures of everyone that was there. All 8 kids, 7 in laws, and 24 grandkids, (cooper and connor couldn't make it, and we missed them)

I couldn't resist putting up this picture. Kamie and Brooke just needed to hand over the mic to Nicole cause she apparently knows the words.... very well. I love this and it's hilarious. 

Just have to mention that this is my oldest niece Erika. I can't believe how grown up and beautiful she is. 

Cannon was cracking me up, he was loving watching his dad sing. It was so cute.

You can't really tell but there are a bunch of my nieces and nephews at the top of this rock. It was totally stressing me out but they kept saying it was safe. Thank goodness no one got hurt.

These little nuggets were too tired to walk. 

Cashe was tired too...

.. and he needed a back tickle. He's hilarious, he'd just come up to me, lift up his shirt and lay on my lap, he'd stay there as long as I'd tickle him. Nothing could get him to move haha. 

Playing the sack game... 

Whitney was the champion. Here she is with the sac on her head. 

Roy and Robb leg wrestling. This was pretty good, I have some video that I should try and figure out how to put on here . 

We had a really great time. Good food, beautiful scenery, and great company. It's hard for us all to get together so we only get to do this every few years. Occasionally we're all together around the holidays but it's always so hectic with everyone trying to see both sides of the family, so this was fun to have everyone to ourselves for a few days. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

birthday bashing

Here's what my 28th birthday looked like.....

Real game. 
New hat from Kira which I love.
Nique open your eyes!


Rich cooked us some steak over the fire with asparagus
Then we made ice cream 

And it was delicious. Bad picture but seriously I think that's what Rich was seeing :)

Sheryl Crow concert with Niq, she got me tickets and we waited in line all day.
(she got there so early, she's the best)

And believe me....

It was so worth it!

Rich also got me tickets for Saturday's Voyeur, we made a day of it last Sunday
Saturday's Voyeur 

We ended up at Bar x for some cocktails and smooth jazz.
It was such a fun day, Rich is the best person in the world, we had a really great time.

I had a great time celebrating with my loved ones and friends. I was given two plants this year both of which were so thoughtful. My mom gave me a plant that she planted for me and I love it, my friend Kristen gave me a plant that she also put together from Cactus and Tropicals. It may sound lame but I've really enjoyed taking care of my plants lately. I like having indoor plants, they make me happy. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

St George Marathon 2010

Jumping back to October 2010. 

Somehow my brothers and sisters and I manage to convince each other that running a marathon is a good idea. Last year Kamie, Ashley and I ran the Ogden marathon in May and then Kamie, Jason, Brooke, Justin and I we're lucky enough to draw out for the St George marathon the following October. I was really excited to run the St George because, well, it's the St George marathon and that's awesome. 

My Ogden marathon was fun but I had my worst time ever... by a long shot. So I decided that I was really going to work on my speed for the St George. My training started out really well and I was improving my time quite a bit. Without going into too many details, what happened was I was getting over trained and eventually injured my hip. I had to take a month off right before the marathon, I honestly wouldn't have done the race had it not been the St George, and I especially still wanted to do it because I love running with my family, and there was 5 of us and that's awesome too.  

Here's Lyza at the pool, this is where we all stayed for the race.

Brooklyn, Abbie, Brynlee, Lexie, Dawson and Noah

Lyza and me madre

Here's Kam Bam and me the morning of

Me, Brooke, and Kamie waiting in line for the bathroom.

Here we are the evening of the race. We all finished and we all agreed that it was the hardest race we've ever done. It was SO hot (I think I read that it was a record high for the St George marathon) Rich said he's never seen so many people need assistance crossing the finish line. It was by far my worst time and by far my hardest race. To put how hot it was into perspective for you, my time was something like 5:40.

 Yes that's right 5 hours and 40 minutes of running. 
(well sorta like running, more like jog/walking at this point)

In that time not only was I drinking at every aide station but I had my water that I carried with me as well and I had to refill it several times throughout the race. I was eating at every aide station along with taking about 7 GU that I had brought with me. Seriously, I was eating and drinking so much because I was terrified of getting dehydrated. With all that drinking and eating I didn't use a bathroom once in that whole 5:40. I was sweating it all out, it was weird. I'm sorry I probably didn't need to say all that, but I'm just trying to give you an idea of what it was like. 

This is pretty much how we all looked the rest of the weekend. Sweet little Brynlee. 

Throughout that whole race, I was cursing pretty much everything and everyone. I was pissed at life, swearing I'd never ever do another marathon. I'm sure you know where I'm headed with this... Ashley, Nique and I are currently training for the Top of Utah marathon for this September. We'll see how it goes....