Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Some Summer

A while ago when I was blogging somewhat regularly, it was because I had gotten a new job at the U of U hospital and only working 30 hours a week. It was wonderful! The position I had was working the night shift in the morgue. It was weird and scary so when they offered me a better 40 hour a week position I jumped on it. :) I now work a more regular schedule and will probably stop blogging again. I don't know how some people do it. 

Here's a glimpse of some of our highlights of the summer. 

Real game. More like gameS, we have season tickets and have been having a great time. 

 Lagoon with the Barnards. 
 We went to Lagoon a few weeks ago and got drenched on Rattlesnake Rapids, and it wasn't because of the ride. As soon as we stepped on to the ride it started down pouring. We were the second to last boat to go on the ride before they closed it down. It was so fun, we laughed and laughed. Great memories with them at Lagoon.


Cute cowboys with Robby

My grandma and grandpa Cooper celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary. 
Love em.

Red Butte concert....

Layton Park concert with the Noels. Howard and Mary took the ladies to Indigo Girls it was so fun! 

I still have more posts I need to do... Like a million. We'll see........