Thursday, October 29, 2009

Things we've been up to

This is a brief update on what we've been doing, it's bassackwords but I dont' want to change it. In the picture above that's Justin and Lexi at the St George Marathon earlier this month. Justin killed it and qualified for the Boston marathon. (I'll post more pictures later)

Below is a sideways picture of the crap closet in our old apartment. Yeah that's mold and the culprit of my recently diagnosed asthma, although my asthma is better since we've moved, it's still there.... boo

Happy Birthday MOM!!!! Isn't she beautiful!
(who's head is that by the table...? Kimball?)

Here we are at the Barnard's (my brother in law/boss) cabin up in Montana (same place Richard proposed to me last summer awe.....) This is our family picture.

Close up of Richards good looking mustache.

Camping in Oneida.

Kira, Nique and me. (Not in that order of course)

This is the 4th of July we watched fireworks from the Capital area.

4th of July

So there you have it, our summer in a nutshell. I'll post more of our anniversary and Richards recently celebrated birthday and such later.