Saturday, November 14, 2009


Richard watching some kind of game I'm sure. Don't worry, we don't have a pink couch. I do however have a pink sheet that I drape over the couch while watching Elisa's cute little pug. I need to post pictures of her, she and Carlos play all day. I'm a little worried we may have to get Carlos a friend when she leaves (we'll have her for a total of 2 months while she's in Hawaii). I think he's going to be depressed.

We went up to my grandma and grandpa Coopers house to help them with their leaves. They live up on the mountain in Ogden and get SO many leaves.

Nicole is such a sass.

Nicole and Katy bug.

Nicole and gramps. He was so sweet, after we had raked all the leaves he instisted on getting us hamburgers. When I was little he and my grandma would always take me to get a happy meal at Mcdonalds. He's a sweety. I didn't get a picture of my grandma which is a bummer. But I'm sure she would have put up a fuss just like my mom did when I tried to take her picture. Like mother like daughter.

Taylor (my oldest nephew, I can't believe he's 15!) Nicole, Matt (he came all the way from Vegas to help rake, can you believe it? kidding) and Rhead. My mom, aunt Kathy, uncle Craig, Nicole's fam, and Rhead's fam were all there to help too.

One of the football games Utah vs New Mexico. It was freezing. The weather is crazy, on the way to the game it will be hot so all I'll take is a sweatshirt, then when the sun goes down it's SO cold. This has happened to me on more than one occasion, now that there's only 1 more home game left, maybe I'll be prepared.

Ashley is going to cosmatology school and I offered to be her first haircut. I know I'm brave. But she did an excellent job and I know she'll be so successful as a hair stylist. I'm really proud of that girl.

On October 12, my grandma Kelly turned 84. My aunt Louise had a birthday party for her and we got to go. Isn't she lovely. My grandpa Kelly passed away in March of 2008, it's so strange to not see them side by side. But I've been lucky to have both grandparents for as long as I did. While we were there she gave us a painting that my grandpa had done. It's beautiful and Richard hung it up today. I'll have to take a picture of it and post it.

Here's my aunt Judy, uncle Joe, cousin Kristen (my uncle Scott's daughter) her little girl (I don't know her name... ) uncle Howard, grandma, and my aunt Louise. Joe and Judy came from Texas to wish my grandma a happy birthday, I thought that was so sweet of them. I rarely see this side of the family and it was really good to catch up. I need make a serious effort and go see my grandma more often. Or I know I'm going to regret it. Thanks to my aunt Louise for putting the birthday party together, and for taking such good care of her mom.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

All Hollows Eve....

We went to a Halloween party at our friend Seths house on Friday. Richard dressed up as a "McPoil" (not sure if that's spelled correctly, but it's a character from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and Seth is Magnum P.I.

Below is Cowboy Colle shooting Nique the clown.... like you couldn't tell right?

Richard and me, I was cat woman, please notice my nails. They were long and difficult. I put them on with nail glue which was a mistake.

McKell, Michelle, Nique and part of Kira.

I think that's someone giving the camera the bird in the background, sorry. This is the only decent picture of Rich and me.

I spray painted Carlos as a skunk, it was hilarious except he was mad at me the rest of Halloween night.

On Halloween night we went to the Utah football game. On our way over we stopped to see Max, we almost didn't catch him. He was a cute little pirate.

Here we are at the Utah game. I haven't posted any pictures of us at the games yet this year but this was on Halloween night. It's been another fun year and we're glad we renewed our season tickets!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Twenty Eight!!!!

Here's Rich on the morning of his birthday. It doesn't look like it in this picture but he was so excited for his big day that he got up at 6 am and couldn't go back to sleep. We opened presents super early, had a yummy breakfast then went to work.

Below here he looks super tired but so excited at the same time.

That night he and I went to dinner then we headed to his surprise birthday party at our friend Seth's house. He was so surprised! It was fun.

Love you Reeshy!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Things we've been up to

This is a brief update on what we've been doing, it's bassackwords but I dont' want to change it. In the picture above that's Justin and Lexi at the St George Marathon earlier this month. Justin killed it and qualified for the Boston marathon. (I'll post more pictures later)

Below is a sideways picture of the crap closet in our old apartment. Yeah that's mold and the culprit of my recently diagnosed asthma, although my asthma is better since we've moved, it's still there.... boo

Happy Birthday MOM!!!! Isn't she beautiful!
(who's head is that by the table...? Kimball?)

Here we are at the Barnard's (my brother in law/boss) cabin up in Montana (same place Richard proposed to me last summer awe.....) This is our family picture.

Close up of Richards good looking mustache.

Camping in Oneida.

Kira, Nique and me. (Not in that order of course)

This is the 4th of July we watched fireworks from the Capital area.

4th of July

So there you have it, our summer in a nutshell. I'll post more of our anniversary and Richards recently celebrated birthday and such later.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hawaii 2009

Here we are on our way!!! This was such a fun trip, and I've seriously posted so many pictures. You may just feel like you were there with us!
I'll probably even post more later when I develope the under water camera!

Our first stop was Maui, we only spent a day there but it was beautiful. And so So much fun.

We arrived a few days before Howard and Mary, this is after we picked them up from the airport. I think they enjoyed themselves...

Sharing a delicious coconut, I was just drink what Richard couldn't get in his mouth.

Spouting Horn in Kauai

Poipu Beach

Here's Elisa's school, it's located in the mountains and it was beautiful. Richard and I got a couples massage by Elisa and Amber here, it was the best. Doors and windows open with a small breeze with all the lush trees and music.... couldn't have asked for more.

Hawaiian Luau!!!!
This was so fun! Howard and Mary bought me a ticket to the Luau for my birthday. I was SO excited! You can't go to Hawaii without going to a Luau!

We stopped and took a picture here, I'm not sure where we are. But there was a sweet rainbow you can kinda see in the bottom right cornerish.

Ke'e Beach. We snorkeled here a bunch, there were so many fish. I'll have to post the pictures when I develope the under water camera. We also saw turtles, dolphin and monk seals!

Amber helping Mary snorkel, Mary looked so cute.

Hiking back from Queens Bath

Poipu Beach again. There are 2 monk seals here that are roped off because they're endangered. You may notice the hat there on the left, that's Mary's hat. It blew off and landed right there. It was pretty funny.

I think the seal had an itch, I was trying to get him rubbing his face. SO CUTE!

Hawaii time is crazy! I would fall asleep at 10 and wake up at 6, that's not what you do on vacation!!! Richard was really tired this night too, what a cutie. Doesn't he look so sweet and innocent?!

The light house, so pretty.

One of our last nights Richard and I decided to take a night and go out a lone. It was fun even though my face may not portray so...

We saw these lizards in a trash can, it was so weird. There were like eating each others face... I had to take and picture.