Friday, July 15, 2011

birthday bashing

Here's what my 28th birthday looked like.....

Real game. 
New hat from Kira which I love.
Nique open your eyes!


Rich cooked us some steak over the fire with asparagus
Then we made ice cream 

And it was delicious. Bad picture but seriously I think that's what Rich was seeing :)

Sheryl Crow concert with Niq, she got me tickets and we waited in line all day.
(she got there so early, she's the best)

And believe me....

It was so worth it!

Rich also got me tickets for Saturday's Voyeur, we made a day of it last Sunday
Saturday's Voyeur 

We ended up at Bar x for some cocktails and smooth jazz.
It was such a fun day, Rich is the best person in the world, we had a really great time.

I had a great time celebrating with my loved ones and friends. I was given two plants this year both of which were so thoughtful. My mom gave me a plant that she planted for me and I love it, my friend Kristen gave me a plant that she also put together from Cactus and Tropicals. It may sound lame but I've really enjoyed taking care of my plants lately. I like having indoor plants, they make me happy. 

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